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Colorado Ghost Town Books Maps
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Books and Maps I would recommend  for the Loyal visitors to the site, 
I know some of you are always looking for good reference books to help in your search for Colorado Ghost towns or perhaps just some old west reading.

New Books available at a discount  May 2010... Available with a discount at Look under the tab for Affiliate Authors.  Use use the prmo code“FAIRPLAY” to get your discount as a visitor from the Rocky Mountain Profiles web site.

These by fair are the most recent and best documented guides to Colorado Ghost Towns. A must buy for the serious Colorado Ghost Towner. A series of four books by Kenneth Jessen.

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Colorado ghost town photo portal. The Ghost Towns and their pictures are presented by Rocky Mountain Profiles, winner of the 2005 "Old West Award" and 2007 "TWM Award" . Location advisor to CBC for the video " Geologic Journey: The Rockies".  Published in numerous magazines and  books.

Colorado's Ghost Towns, just plain old Ghost Towns, Mining towns, Gold Mines, Silver Mines, Cliff Dwellings, Indian Ruins, Indian Cultural sites, Mining Camps, Old West History, Outlaws, Good Guys, Bad Guys, Gunfighters, Cowboys, Historical Buildings. You name it, Colorado has it. Check out some of the Colorado Ghost Town photos and pictures of Ghost Towns in some of our nearby states like Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.  Even a far away place like Alaska has its beauty and Ghost Towns.

There is more to explore here in Colorado then I will ever be able to see and do but I will keep trying. Perhaps you should come and give me some help. Should make for an interesting Colorado vacation.

This is my hobby, exploring any old ghost town. This hobby provides a service for my sanity.  Into everyone's life there needs to be some balance and a place for a person to renew themselves. This is where I share my hobby. The Rocky Mountains of Colorado and all of it's precious Ghost Towns. 

Everyone's definition for Ghost Towns is different.  I had a Colorado resident write in and say, "Ouray Colorado for example is not a ghost town by a long shot".

I wrote back with this response.

"I would tend to agree with your statement if your definition of a  ghost town is an abandoned town. Several of the sites like Leadville, Creede, Empire, Niwot, Georgetown etc are similar to Ouray.

On my site I refer to Ghost Towns rather liberally. Basically it can be any town involved in mining or agricultural activity that went thru various cycles of boom and bust and/or towns that are important to the history of Colorado and the old west. I apologize if I have offended you."

Likewise - please forgive me if my Ghost Towns don't measure up to your definition. Like my pappy used to say, "we all got opinions".

Hope you enjoy your visit here. Come back Soon. Or better yet, contact me and we will go for a ride in my Jeep Rubicon.  

Michael ( Mike ) Sinnwell

Rocky Mountain Profiles

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